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3 Citrix ShareFile Alternatives: Comparison, Pros and Cons

Work is becoming increasingly international, flexible, and complex in today’s digital world. Moreover, people are becoming more mobile for business and should be able to organize their working world accordingly – from anywhere, at any time, and from any device. So, how to do it with the help of Citrix ShareFile and its alternatives?

Citrix ShareFile overview

In modern society, the implementation of electronic document management like a cloud-based data room is a relatively essential and common stage in the activity of any organization because any actions of a company are reflected in documents, whether it is management, finance, or production. No matter what area of ​​the business a cloud solution is introduced for, the collaboration aspect will play an important role in most cases. However, especially when it comes to managing the documents of a supervisory board meeting, document management in the real estate industry, or negotiations for mergers and acquisitions, many companies still hesitate to rely on cloud solutions. The security concerns are often too significant. With the concept of secure virtual data rooms, some providers offer unique cloud solutions that enable the secure provision of highly confidential documents. In this case, the Citrix ShareFile data room is one of the leaders.

Citrix ShareFile has everything you need to share files and collaborate online easily and securely. This digital platform enables a secure collaborative workspace for productive business communication and a well-organized repository for critical data. The software is a corporate solution, like Dropbox or YandexDisk. Only the user’s data is stored on the company’s server and is constantly synchronized with his working devices. So naturally, you can exchange links to files, as in the same Dropbox.

In addition, Citrix is ​​now going one step further and opening up the platform through a ShareFile StorageZone Connectors SDK. The software development kit allows any IT department or partner to connect any enterprise content management system to ShareFile. As a result, users now have the option of accessing additional data formats via ShareFile while on the move and being able to edit them directly.

The best 3 alternatives to Citrix ShareFile

Below we look at the most well-known alternatives to Citrix ShareFile, which are either integrated into the operating system or, in the case of Dropbox and Google Drive, are a veteran of cloud storage. The most demanded are:

  • Dropbox

Dropbox does not operate its data centers. Dropbox has used Amazon Web Services storage from the start. The subsidiary of the well-known online department store has data centers on all continents of the world. Although all Dropbox data is encrypted using AES encryption (256 bit), all company employees and cooperation partners have full access to the data.

  • Onehub

The system allows you to evaluate the volume and probability of business transactions, monitor the transaction’s status, and analyze competitors’ actions. As a result, it forms the prerequisites for optimizing existing distribution channels and increasing the company’s profits. In addition, the software allows you to effectively manage corporate information (content) throughout the entire life cycle.

  • Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is a product that allows company employees to interact with each other effectively. The created intracorporate portal becomes an impressive communication center and data storage at the same time. It is easy to use, convenient, and functions in cooperation with all MS Office developments. Now it is one of the most popular platforms on the market. The service works great with Microsoft products but does not integrate well with programs from other developers. In addition, the cost of the license is high, so not every company will use it to conduct business.